The choice has always been the 'independence and freedom' of brokerage or the 'training and support' of career agencies. Now LifePlan Financial Group offers independence with all the benefits of a market leading support infrastructure.

Our mission is to provide Financial Advisors and Financial Planners alike with a wide choice of financial products and solutions from quality companies. We strive to support all the business needs of the Independent Associated Financial Advisors and Planners who have partnered with us, to help their clients achieve their financial goals and protect what matters most to them.

Our primary customers are our Associated Financial Advisors. We have focused our attention on providing them with the tools, training and support they need to reach their full potential as independent practitioners. We source or develop whatever products are needed to support our Associated Advisors for success in all the markets they are serving.

If you're interested in becoming a LifePlan Associate Financial Advisor contact us for more information.

Marketing Support

LifePlan Financial Group is known in the financial advisory community for its strong marketing and business building support. Associated Advisors often cite training and business building resources as a few of their primary reasons for joining LifePlan. Proprietary marketing software and marketing guides are available to support Advisors in all their business development efforts. LifePlan Associated Advisors also gain access to Marketing Specialists and an Advanced Marketing Consultancy of Tax Lawyers and Accountants to support sales in the Advanced Planning marketplace.


National Support Through the Power of PPI Solutions

For insurance advisors who serve the broad Canadian market, PPI Solutions is the trusted resource for proprietary tools, comprehensive product offers, unmatched life insurance company relationships, and competitive compensation. LifePlan Financial Group is proud to be affiliated with PPI, allowing us to offer our Advisors with some of the best planning tools and support offered in the industry today.

The PPI Toolkit 2 is an excellent example of the powerful tools PPI Solutions provides. It can help increase sales and premium size, and improve customer satisfaction, referrals, compliance and revenues. If you are looking for interactive, real time point of sale presentations, customized for your practice and personalized for your client, Toolkit delivers.