David Bulinckx - President

  • Available to assist in any area of business.

  • Marketing and co-op inquiries, including support from both LifePlan Financial Group and supplier companies.

  • Assist Associates in creating a Marketing plan and help them to both implement and track their success.

  • Compensation inquiries on large cases.

  • Please contact at Ext. 229


Bryan Bulinckx CHS - Vice President

  • Portfolio Strategies Corporation Senior Branch Manager & Business Development.

  • Marketing support on Life, Segregated Funds, Mutual Funds & Exempt Market Investments.

  • Advanced case consultation and preparation.

  • Product and conceptual training and support for both insurance and insurance related investments.

  • Insurance Strategies and Concepts support.

  • Please contact at Ext. 0



Ariane Napora - Office Manager/Commissions Administration

  • Coordinate administrations duties and office procedures.

  • Ensure superior service levels for associated advisors.

  • Virtgate Training – Provide training on marketing and administrative tools available.

  • Commission inquiries and support.

  • Please contact at Ext. 249



Yuee Thabphuta - Director of Business Development

  • Coordinate professional development meetings with supplier companies.

  • Marketing & Sales supplies for Associates.

  • Coordinate New Associate Orientation - one on one training on supplier websites.

  • Please contact at Ext. 250

Contracting Manager/Compliance & Privacy Officer 

  • Contracting, Contract Transferring & License renewals (Insurance) for all Associates.

  • MGA/Broker Transfers/Agent of Record Changes.

  • Compliance Officer - Risk Business.

  • Compliance and regulatory approval (Advertisements, Promotions & mass mail outs)

  • Please contact at Ext. 250


Ken Smith, RHU - Living Benefits

  • Marketing support on Living Benefit Programs, including Group Benefits.

  • Advanced case consultation, preparation and illustrations.

  • Product and conceptual training and support on CI, DI & LTC.

  • Software training.

  • Please contactat Ext. 233


Thea Jenkins - Assistant Branch Manager (PSC)     Case Manager - Investments

  • PSC Victoria Co-Branch Manager

  • Processing investment applications.

  • Follow up on applications and transfers in process and after sales service.

  • General investment product information, supplies & marketing information.

  • Support annuity quotes and comparisons.

  • Please contact at Ext. 241


Brandi Butts - New Business/Manager - Risk Business

  • Processing and underwriting of all insurance applications.

  • Ordering and carrying out of underwriting requirements.

  • Provide underwriting expertise on large and difficult cases and educate new associates on the underwriting process.

  • Provide quotes and illustrations for Associates including Term & UL Comparisons.

  • Ensure prompt negotiations and placement of cases

  • Preliminary Inquiries and tentative assessments.

  • Provide Associates with product information and competitive rates.

  • All life insurance marketing material orders.

  • Please contact at Ext. 235


Caitlin Franklin - Reception, Policy Service & Claims

  • Reception & Policy Service Administration.

  • Client Hospitality.

  • CE Credit coordinator.

  • In force Policy Claims (i.e. Death, Disability & CI Claims).

  • In force Policy Service (i.e. Statements, Beneficiary, PAC, Loans, Ownership, Assignment, Address change).

  • Policy changes that require underwriting approval (increases / decreases / Smoker - Non-smoker).

  • Please contact at Ext. 221