David Bulinckx - President

  • Available to assist in any area of business.

  • Marketing and co-op inquiries, including support from both LifePlan Financial Group and supplier companies.

  • Assist Associates in creating a Marketing plan and help them to both implement and track their success.

  • Compensation inquiries on large cases.

  • Please contact at Ext. 229


Bryan Bulinckx CHS - Vice President

  • Portfolio Strategies Corporation Senior Branch Manager & Business Development.

  • Marketing support on Life, Segregated Funds, Mutual Funds & Exempt Market Investments.

  • Advanced case consultation and preparation.

  • Product and conceptual training and support for both insurance and insurance related investments.

  • Insurance Strategies and Concepts support.

  • Please contact at Ext. 0

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Chris Ratzlaff, BA Econ - Financial Advisor

  • After graduating from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Economics, Chris began to pursue his passion of helping others through Financial Planning. Chris believes in being prepared for whatever obstacles may come along, and his commitment to his work and his clients demonstrates his confidence in the true benefits of proper planning. Chris is dedicated to doing the very best for his clients and will work hard to find the right solution that will suit you and your family’s needs.

  • Knowledge in Corporate insurance, Employee Benefits, Life Insurance, Investments and Mutual Funds.

  • Please contact at Ext. 0



Thea Jenkins - Assistant Branch Manager (PSC)     Case Manager - Investments

  • PSC Victoria Co-Branch Manager

  • Processing investment applications.

  • Follow up on applications and transfers in process and after sales service.

  • General investment product information, supplies & marketing information.

  • Support annuity quotes and comparisons.

  • Please contact at Ext. 241

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Yuee Thabphuta - Director of Business Development

  • Coordinate professional development meetings with supplier companies.

  • Marketing & Sales supplies for Associates.

  • Coordinate New Associate Orientation - one on one training on supplier websites.

  • Please contact at Ext. 250

Contracting Manager/Compliance & Privacy Officer 

  • Contracting, Contract Transferring & License renewals (Insurance) for all Associates.

  • MGA/Broker Transfers/Agent of Record Changes.

  • Compliance Officer - Risk Business.

  • Compliance and regulatory approval (Advertisements, Promotions & mass mail outs)

  • Please contact at Ext. 250

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Brandi Butts - New Business/Manager - Risk Business

  • Processing and underwriting of all insurance applications.

  • Ordering and carrying out of underwriting requirements.

  • Provide underwriting expertise on large and difficult cases and educate new associates on the underwriting process.

  • Provide quotes and illustrations for Associates including Term & UL Comparisons.

  • Ensure prompt negotiations and placement of cases

  • Preliminary Inquiries and tentative assessments.

  • Provide Associates with product information and competitive rates.

  • All life insurance marketing material orders.

  • Please contact at Ext. 235

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Ken Smith, RHU - Living Benefits

  • Marketing support on Living Benefit Programs, including Group Benefits.

  • Advanced case consultation, preparation and illustrations.

  • Product and conceptual training and support on CI, DI & LTC.

  • Software training.

  • Please contact Ext. 233


Caitlin Franklin - Office Administration, Policy Service & Claims

  • Office Administrator & Policy Service Administration.

  • Client Hospitality.

  • CE Credit coordinator.

  • In force Policy Claims (i.e. Death, Disability & CI Claims).

  • In force Policy Service (i.e. Statements, Beneficiary, PAC, Loans, Ownership, Assignment, Address change).

  • Policy changes that require underwriting approval (increases / decreases / Smoker - Non-smoker).

  • Please contact at Ext. 221

  • Book a Meeting with Caitlin

Diane .jpg

Opening Position - Business Administration & Data Entry

  • Input data into LifePlan system databases.

  • Provide support to Risk Manager and Investment Manager.

  • Assist Office Administrator